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Now integrate your chatbot with WhatsApp →
Now integrate your chatbot with WhatsApp →
Hybrid and Simple.

Chatbot for automated customer service

Connect with your customers through a conversational chatbot equipped with a 100% manageable platform that will allow you to have full control.

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45-day guarantee
Prueba gratuita Arkibot
No hassle
Why Arkibot?

A comprehensive customer service platform.

We bring everything you need together to create, monitor, and train conversational chatbots to automate customer service for you.
Chatbot en español


The tool that speaks your language. Communicate with the entire Arkibot universe in English: control panel, guides, and support.
Cobertura 24x7

Greater coverage

Get where a human can’t: faster response speed, multiple chats simultaneously, available to your customers 24/7.
100% personalizable

100% Customizable

Colors, widget image, presets, intents. Create a chatbot to connect with your customers from the first word.
Sin límite de intenciones

No limit to intents

Your brain has no limits, neither do our intents. Create the ones you need for customer-chatbot conversations.
Fácil y rápido de instalar

Quick and easy to install

In just three steps, and in a matter of minutes, you can have a chatbot responding to your customers on your website.
Plantillas precargadas

Preloaded templates

We take care of the hard part to make it easier for you: sectored presets so you just have to upload and edit.
Go further with less effort
This is what happens when you use Arkibot.* Real data from Webempresa.


User queries answered per day


Resolved queries without agent intervention


Hours of human labor saved per day


It takes our chatbot 2 seconds to answer a query
Bot architecture

Configure and install your chatbot in minutes

We break the technological barrier so you can have a chatbot tailored to you working on your website in a few steps, a few minutes, and without technical knowledge.
Fácil y rápido de instalar

Quick and easy setup

With help guides and a training course to guide you step by step throughout the setup process.
Plantillas precargadas

Preloaded sector templates

With intent templates so you just have to load them and not waste time thinking. We’ve already done it for you.
100% personalizable

100% Customizable

Customize your chatbot to fit your business. With your voice and brand image to connect with your customers.
Configure your chatbot
Testimonio Miriam

“It’s a great break for the customer service area. Customers get quicker responses because they don’t depend on the agent behind the chat being free or not. And we get less stress because we don’t have to answer the same boring questions continually.”

Miriam Rivas

Bot Architect

Testimonio Bruno

“Having Arkibot is an amazing experience. Seeing how customers are satisfied with their answers after you’ve prepared your bots to do their job perfectly is wonderful. It’s time for you or your business and it’s time for your customers (so they don’t have to wait to be served).”

Bruno Pérez

Bot trainer

Testimonio Gonzalo

“It’s an ally for any company that wants to grow. It helps customers get immediate attention and those behind the answers can focus on other goals. Having this tool in English, with a team behind you that you know will respond when you have any problems, is comforting too.”

Gonzalo Ramos

Bot Architect


Train your chatbot responses.

Keeping a chatbot in shape is a must. The better the learning, the higher the percentage success in their answers, and the better the results.
Enseña a tu bot lo que está bien

Show your bot what’s right

Thanks to training, your chatbot will enhance its learning and always have an answer for your customers.
Conversaciones en tiempo real

Real-time conversations

Arkibot gives you the ability to monitor real-time conversations between your bot and your customer as well.
Installation and integration
Power your communication through all channels and in any framework
Bots get where humans can’t go. Connect Arkibot to the channels where you find your target audience and let it work across multiple sites at once.
Delegate the boring work. Focus on what’s important.

Automate your customer service with a chatbot that will save you time and money.

Arkibot CTA Design Image
Hybrid chatbot

A single tool. Three possibilities. Artificial intelligence, flow, and live attention chatbot.

It combines the possibility of using an artificial intelligence chatbot and live chat when necessary. This will give you unsurpassed attention.
Gestión flexible

Flexible management

Whether you are alone or have a team of managers, Arkibot automates any businesses’ service.
Mide tus interacciones

Measure your interactions

Get valuable data to improve products or services and export them in just a couple of clicks.
Mayor cobertura

Instant responses

Time is like gold. With Arkibot, get the answer you need to your customers immediately.
Mejora tus conversiones

Increase conversion

Connect with your customers. Respond to their queries, guide them during the purchase process, or suggest products.
Arkibot dashboard
¿Quién está detrás de Arkibot?
Who stands behind all this?
Arkibot was not conceived with a commercial purpose. It was born out of our own need. We created, perfected, and prepared it so now you too can move to automated support. Come in and find out who we are, you may already know us…
Frequently asked questions

We anticipate your doubts about online chatbots

Is a chatbot good for all kinds of businesses?

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you are self-employed a freelancer, you own an SME, or you run a big company. Arkibot helps automate customer service for any business.

Does a chatbot improve customers’ experiences?

Of course. Connect with your customers through conversations to improve conversion, loyalty, and brand reputation.

What are the advantages of using this online chatbot?

It helps you automate your customer service and frees you from the most boring work to do more important things, like scaling up your business.

Why is it important to contract a chatbot?

Having a chatbot in English, and with 24/7 support, makes your life easier as tool user and offers you new business opportunities.

Is it easy to create and install a chatbot like Arkibot?

Any user can create, customize, and install their bot with no technical knowledge. It also has a simple, user-friendly control panel.

Does this online chatbot use artificial intelligence?

It is up to date in the AI field. This makes it a fully scalable, secure option. It has GPT-3 integration to make it user-friendly.

Do you want to know more about chatbots?

We have a blog on the chatbot universe: Tools, functionalities, and everything we think you may find interesting.